When you interview with companies who want to hire recent graduates, it’s important that you master your public speaking skills. Some of your classes in school or your participation in volunteer work may have involved giving presentations, and these can be the perfect opportunity to hone your abilities on marketing yourself to recruiters.

In order to succeed, here are some helpful tips to guide you along to your goal of becoming a master at public speaking.

1. Knowing your material
If you step up to give a presentation and are unprepared, there’s very little chance you’ll come out of it unscathed. The same philosophy can be attributed to interviewing, as Tech Republic suggested, proper preparation is an integral aspect of public speaking. When you sit down to chat with managers, you should know as much about their company as possible beforehand.

Look up their website and research any products or services they offer. If you can work them naturally into your conversation, the recruiter might be impressed with your knowledge and put you higher up on the list of potential hires.

2. Practicing before
According to Toastmasters International, one of the most important steps to improving your public speaking skills is practicing your speech over and over again. The repetition can help drive home the points you need to make and give you a stronger delivery of your abilities in front of managers.

Rehearse out loud, which allows you to perfect your speech patterns and remove any instances where you may stumble and falter. You’ll be able to work on your breathing and making sure that you don’t sound rushed. Getting rid of pauses and fillers such as “ums,” which can make you appear more polished and professional to recruiters.

3. Staying positive and calm
Men’s Health magazine explained that maintaining a positive attitude can help keep your nerves in check while giving a speech. Many candidates feel tense when sitting for their first interview for college graduate jobs. But if you sit back and remember that none of it’s too serious and that there will be plenty of other opportunities, you should be perfectly fine!

Though it’s similar to giving a presentation, preparing for an interview can be less tedious and frightening because you only need to market your skills, and not educate uninterested classmates on subjects they don’t know. Keeping these tips in mind should be a tremendous help to you after graduation.