In general, online classes are often more difficult than classes taken in a brick and mortar institution. This is because much of the learning is done independently, and it can often be harder to have in depth conversations with professors and peers. Overall, there is usually less support for individual students, making the coursework comparatively harder.

With these issues, classes can easily become somewhat overwhelming. Having multiple classes that require you to stay up all night studying for the big test can be a pain in the butt. It’s always nice to have at least one class that requires little to no effort to get an A in. That class makes sure you have time to get good grades in the more difficult ones. Or you could abuse this list of online classes that make tying your shoes look hard by comparison.

Time Management
Many online universities offer some sort of time management class. The idea behind this class is to help students adjust to the schedule of having multiple classes and being able to prioritize what is important or not. So, yes, this class is basically common sense on how to not be overwhelmed how to not be overwhelmed by having more than one thing to do a day. We are in an age of multitasking, what with cell phones that browse the internet while checking emails and texting cute coeds. Chances are you have already mastered being able to figure what things are important and how to get them done. To pass this class, you just have to prove that you know how to write down dates and times in a calendar, or set an alarm on your phone, to remind you of important events. Such as putting in: Tuesday. 1:30 pm. Receive A for logging into time management class. Done and done.

Computer Skills
Most online colleges have some sort of introduction to computers class. This is offered to help students master the use of their computers and the internet to make taking online college courses an easier process. Of course the school doesn’t know that you’ve programmed custom shortcuts into your keyboard to check out your Twitter and Facebook accounts while watching hilarious videos on YouTube and taking screen shots of class chats.

If you have managed to weave your way through the world wide web to find this article, you probably have a pretty good handle on how to use a computer. Sign up for that intro to computers class and sit back and relax while the instructor explains the benefits of clicking with the right side of the mouse.

Intro to Biology
If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a trend of of introductory classes being pretty easy. Introduction classes focus on broader more general information that is easier to remember than the more detail oriented classes as topics get more specific. An intro to biology class will teach you about how living things are made out of cells, plants get energy from photosynthesis, and other basic information that will be easy to remember before a test.

Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a science major, many courses require a science credit. This is especially true for any sort of liberal arts degree majors. Focusing on a broad topic like biology with your intro class will keep the information taught nice and basic, and usually covers stuff you could have learned in a high school science class. Just make sure you are logged on during class discussions and save notes for before tests, and this class should provide an A with minimal effort.

The easiest class will be one that you are interested in. At least a few elective classes are often required for a degree, but they provide a plethora of class options. Best of all, electives are notorious for being graded lightly, to say the least. At least one of them should be right up your alley. Just pick the one that actually sounds interesting to you. If you are having fun with a class, it will never feel like hard work, especially when the professor is just giving everybody passing grades for showing up. This elective class doesn’t have anything to do with your major, so feel free to go wild with it. Make sure to check out all the listing for whatever online university you are attending, as each school has different electives offered. Maybe yours has a class comparing comic book superheroes to philosophers, allowing your inner geek to shine. Perhaps that class on French cuisine will fit perfectly with your love of eating snails. Find one that you like and it will feel like the easiest class you have ever taken.