Being a marketing guy or gal might sound like the kind of career that extremely square people in the 1950s thought were “nifty” or “neato”. However, thanks to burgeoning industries and new technologies, the marketing world can actually offer some really challenging, interesting and just plain cool job opportunities. Big name companies, corporations and even celebrities require marketing teams to help push their name or product into the public’s view and not only is the price for the job more than right, but the fringe benefits and career prestige can make any marketing degree holder the envy of the job market.

Fashion marketer

The marketing world of fashion needs the kind of savvy shopper who can identify name brand clothes just by smelling them or know what’s in and what’s out before it actually becomes in or out.

If you’re lucky enough to have the talent and the drive to pursue a marketing career in fashion, you’re in for one wild ride down the runway. You’ll get to work in a hands-on environment with designers and their latest styles and looks. These partnerships will help you concoct a strategy for not only getting these new styles on the consumers’ shopping lists but also for finding ways to make it part of the new style that will drive your brand to the big time.

Commercial director

Marketing doesn’t just require a business mind. It’s a complex web where art and culture meet economics and business. It requires a creative mind with a head for numbers and trends who can create vibrant, bold packages and strategies around the math to make your services or products pop.

If you’ve got a driving desire to direct, you can step behind the camera to help create the commercials that will help catch the consumers’ eyes. Being a successful ad director not only requires knowledge of what consumers will watch and how to pique their interest. It also requires a flair for visual stimulation and artistic achievement in the pursuit of brand marketing. So if you’re chasing a marketing degree but still dream of creating awe-inspiring works and telling stories with dynamic mediums, this may be the perfect dual career path for you.

Sports agent

Everyone wants to hang out with athletes. Not only are they treated as modern day deities, but they have unprecedented access to some of the hottest and most sought after seats in the stadium long before season tickets ever go on sale.

So if you’re the guy or gal who gets a kick out of sitting on the 50-yard line of the season opener or watching nine innings from a breathtaking private skybox, you might think about becoming a personal representative for one of the athletic elite. Not only will you work in a fast paced and challenging business environment in an industry that grows exponentially with each passing season, but you’ll also have behind the scenes access that even some of the sporting press don’t
get to enjoy. Plus, if you’re a savvy enough negotiator, you might even be able to get all the ball park hot dogs you can choke down for free.

iTunes podcast promoter

Thanks to the popularity and accessibility of iTunes and the iPhone, anyone can create an interesting, funny or thought-provoking broadcast on the internet with nothing more than a microphone, a pair of headphones and a personal computer.

Apple has a team of savvy marketers who comb through the best and most interesting podcasts of the bunch and use them to market their groundbreaking products in countries all around the world. This job, listed by Business Insider as one of Apple’s coolest jobs, could put the right marketing graduate in the middle of one of the most cutting-edge forms of digital entertainment, education and media in the world today. It will also give you the opportunity to flex your creative skills to turn other people on to the world’s best podcasts, both figuratively and literally.

Anything in video games

Most marketing jobs will have you slaving over some product or service that you’ll probably never own or need as long as you live. Even the most enthusiastic and driven marketing degree holder can get burned out from trying to develop a strategy for something like that.

Thankfully, the video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to new digital technologies that allow for new interactive innovations, deeper story lines and colorful characters. And not only will you work to bring even more excitement to an already exciting business and line of hot button products, but you’ll also get to play and preview some of the most sought after titles, peripherals and systems long before the public even hears about them.