If you’ve always considered yourself an avid video gamer – spending countless hours tearing through titles for PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and XBOX 360 – then chances are you wouldn’t mind transforming this passion into a career. But what premium entry level jobs and paid internships could you hope to hold with a skill set that includes having a wicked trigger finger and knowing the best combo takedowns for fighting games? Here are a few possible career directions you may want to consider.

Video game journalist
Describing the finer points of that defeating final boss battle or how you reached the high score without breaking a sweat are exactly the qualifications you need to pursue a career as a video game journalist. With this type of job, you can fill pages with your opinions about class games, industry news and reviews of recent releases.

Game designer
Are you constantly complaining about how great attention to detail could have turned a bad game into a good one? If you’ve got the technical know-how to back up those claims, you might want to consider building your own fantasy worlds as a video game designer. With a little luck, you might be responsible for the next generation-defining virtual experience.

Game tester
While they’re not exactly the easiest positions to get, there are such opportunities as video game beta testers. These lucky people are among the first to play new titles and offer constructive criticism as to how the game could be improved before reaching the general public.